Set Exercise Routines: Set Up for FAILURE

How often does your friend tell you about the hottest new {insert any group class here} or a crazy shoulder workout on a cool website! And you’re curious so you try it! You love it, then you promise yourself I’m going to do this three times per week!  I have my stuff packed! No excuses!

I love that! As a doctor and personal trainer, I want nothing more than for you to be excited about working out and have a plan!  But set classes are just like that one weight routine you have saved in your email or as a note on your smartphone — they are so INFLEXIBLE!

I don’t know many people who’s days go exactly as planned everyday. Ok, I don’t know anyone.  Let me tell you why very busy successful people have more than one exercise routine:

1)  Time.  You have to select workouts appropriate for different amounts of time you have available. It’s ok to workout only 25 minutes but some days you may really want to go for 60 minutes. You need a couple workouts to fit different time slots! (Don’t cancel your workout because you can’t do that one cycle class that started 15 min ago — Uhh, just do something else.)

2) Physical Adaptation.  Our bodies are very, very smart and they will adapt to a workout after doing it one time. The second time that workout is a little bit easier and also a little less effective.  I personally have never done the same weight routine one time in my entire life.

3) Mental Fatigue.  Your mind will get bored and you will be more apt to quit if you don’t have a workout to look forward to!

One of the top reasons I’ve been able to workout as often as I have is because I can adjust my workouts to my time available. Off late and gym closes in 45 min?!  Well, I can’t do a full leg workout and cardio. Oh well! Let’s knock out shoulders and triceps – that’s shorter for me. Who cares if you did it a few days ago. Just go workout. Sometimes you have to let go of the strict pre-planning and just get it done.  I would definitely not like working out as much if I didn’t mix it up either!  So, yes, have plans for a workout but have more than one!