Motivation Monday, Motivation Everyday!

I was recently talking to my friend about the difference of successful people and those who are just waiting around for a miracle. After reflecting with him, I said “I think one of my greatest strengths that is not a talent, nor a skillable craft – it’s my perspective of who I am, where I fit in the world and how I can make an impact.”  I used to simply be a hard worker.  I don’t know where it came from.  But I can’t remember thinking any differently.  I always wanted to be the hardest worker.  The more I learned about the world and the possibilities the greater my dreams became.

It is simple:  Exposure to greatness will make you greater if you are ready to receive these opportunities.  I became more than just a hard worker.  I became a woman with a mission.  I may not be the smartest, the fastest, the richest, the anything-EST.  Words cannot deter me and either can previous statistics nor trends.  Other people’s successes have no impact.  When I learn of an opportunity to be better, do better–I do it.  I go after it for me.  I’m not worried about what hurdles are ahead.  It’s obvious all great things will have an arduous pathway – at least from my life experience.  Instead of thinking about the path, I focus on the end goal and pick a starting point.  I let the passion in my heart lead my steps. When I hit a hurdle, I expect it. I expect bad days. I expect to feel down and I cry.  I expect to feel alone.  No, I don’t have a crystal ball or even a sixth sense that failure is coming my way.  No, instead I just know that my selected goals will  be challenged. How bad do I want it? Do I need to re-address my strategy?  Do I need to ask for help?  These are the things I address to get over the hurdles.  I don’t change my goal.  After all, it’s a matter of time to success if you’re not a quitter.  I’ve never been a quitter.  I find where my passion fits.  And when it’s time to step-it-up, I adjust.  When I reach one point, I don’t think that’s the finish line, I see it as the new start.  After all, this is my story.

I encourage you to reflect on your position in the world. Where do you fit? How can you make an impact?  And for goodness sake, don’t mirror the life of someone else as that is truly not living.


Photo by Jay Farrell