Be a Big Player

When I hear people start to talk about “fake dreams” I zone out and just smile and node.  By “fake dreams” I mean people want, want, WANT but don’t make any moves!  Or more discretely (usually) the actions made are about 25% of their capability and they blame non-progression on an outside source. Sigh.  You at LEAST have to try big and fail to make a move forward.  Personally, my greatest successes have evolved from my failures.  So don’t talk about what you want one day or what you wish you had.  Do something everyday that helps you progress toward the life you want! 


Photo by George Kontaxis


Uncommon Dreams

When I was growing up I had a really hard time learning how to park my car (regular spaces, not parallel – I’m weird).  I took my driving test 3 times.  Throughout the process no one ever told me “You know you’re never going to get your license.”  That even sounds awkward.  But people are quick to tell you you cannot do the things they never achieved themselves.  If your dreams are uncommon it does not mean they are unachievable.

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A Dream Come True

Today I am waking up still having problems processing everything that happened this weekend at Team Universe.  Not only was it an emotional roller coaster, but it ended in a way better than I could have ever imagined.  I NEVER in a million years thought I could win an Overall Title along with my pro card. So, yes, it will take time to set in that I am now a professional athlete in the IFBB, but as a great mentor once told me titles do not define who you are.  

My daily actions and those I impact during my lifetime define who I am.  I will still wake up early to get to my current med school rotations (internal medicine), my number one concern will be not killing anyone.  My second concern will be doing my best as a student.  I’ll scramble to prep the rest of my food, take care of my puppy, get to the gym, etc.  It’s the SAME routine.

THIS is why I believe it’s important to base my feelings/emotions on how each day goes.  One at a time.  One step closer to goals.  After all NOTHING comes on our schedule.  Enjoy the ride because although the destination sounds great you might miss the beautiful scenery! :)

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