Forgiving Yourself for Failure

     It’s inevitable — sometime in your life you will fail.  Whether it be at a test, getting accepted to a job, establishing a successful relationship, or reaching a health or fitness goal.  If you have never failed, most likely you’re not really reaching for the best stuff.  In such case I’m not talking to you ‘min-shooters’.  Today, I’m talking to those I relate to who go after DREAMS with all the energy have!  You go so hard it’s painful to not see your dreams realized.  Your heart hurts.  

     The key to your eventual success is getting over your failures.  You have to forgive yourself.  You set your goals.  YOU decided it was what you wanted. YOU haven’t let anyone down — not like you tell yourself you have.  You ultimately did not get what YOU wanted within the time frame you set and possibly within the current conditions.  Sometimes the one thing holding you back from success if you’ve never forgiven yourself for your previous failure.  You hear negative whispers in the back of your head. Your failure has set the precedence — I don’t deserve this, I’m not good enough, or it’s just too hard.  You can relate to this in a deeper more complex situation such as a failed long-term relationship with someone you truly loved.  Or, more simply, you decided you were cutting back on sweets or alcohol to improve how you look!  Things didn’t go how you envisioned.  What now?  You move on.  

     You put your efforts toward a more valuable relationship that lacked what you both needed.  Or, you create a different strategy and make your food goals more reachable.  You need to admit your approach was wrong or the conditions were not right!  Change what you need to to reach happiness.  Every morning wake up and forgive your previous day’s failures.  Apologize to yourself for being so hard on yourself.  Put things in perspective and start again.  Finally, remember the greatest success is built from your failures.