The dirty truth about the fit lifestyle

I can’t believe I just finished my first pro show of my IFBB career.  I’m just in shock of not only the weekend events, but how quickly things have turned since Team U.  I feel I just got off the New Jersey stage yesterday.  But I literally have gone a million miles a minute the last 5 weeks.  Trying to balance my internal medicine rotation while prepping made this the most difficult prep to date.  I hadn’t admitted that to anyone yet, because I don’t like to complain while in prep but I was down on myself so many days.  I would be disappointed I couldn’t do my cardio “fasted” (meaning on an empty stomach), even though it was because I had to be in extremely early.  It made sense logically to do it later at night, but I just didn’t like doing things not exact.  It felt weird, but I came to terms with this is how this is going to be this rotation if I wanted to get on stage.  Either it was going to be a struggle or I was going to quit.  I got over the things I couldn’t do perfectly and realized that for the next 6 weeks my #1 priority was  my education and my patients.  Fitness would be extremely important, but not #1 this time.  I’ve learned that to be successful at many things you need to be willing to shift your priorities.  I used to think I needed everything to be perfect ALL THE TIME – which resulted in anxiety attacks. :) So — you want to do lots of stuff and you want to do lots of stuff awesome??? – learn to spread out your awesomeness.  It’s OK!

Because I reprioritized I was able to balance my fitlife with my medical school and for that I am proud.  To me that is how I can call this a LIFESTYLE. I was so proud to stand on stage next to some of the best athletes in the industry on Saturday (Aug 10th).  That day my goal was to be my best and enjoy my first show and I did just that.  I approached a handful of the women I’ve respected all these years and I let them know the impact they’ve had on my life.  It felt good to talk to these professional female athletes in person.  Some of my conversations even confirmed that I wouldn’t change anything about my last 5 weeks of prep or how I managed to maintain my goals.

I can’t wait for the next one.  Luckily this next rotation I should have a day or two off :)

Ashley Maybin - Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships 2013